Author notes




Story and artwork by Jack

With creative help and feedback from:

- Nomad (SteadfastNomad)

- DelightfullyOdd (odditiesaredelightful)

- little bastard Michael (michael-diswhoretion)

- Val (heavenly-howl)


- Dr. Harkam Stern belongs to Zarzaliel

- Dr. Enid Binns belongs to JammyTheBirb

- Dr. Purdy Seaton belongs to Billy

- Albert White belongs to DelightfullyOdd


Website layout base code by cutething

Favicon code courtesy of DestinyMason

Webcomic Hosting

- ComicFury

- TheDuck

- Flowfo

Special thanks to:

My Mom, my Wife, my family and friends for their undying support & encouragement

To Auntie Sandi, who never got to read the end


Thank you for reading!

I really mean that, thank you for reading along and making my first go at webcomicking so much fun. I never would've thought that I'd get this much wonderful feedback, genuine laughs, and just all-around good company while I was writing a story about people getting brutally murdered lmao

This is the first of many stories I want to tell, and I'll give you a little teaser on my next three here:

The first is going to be a blend of fantasy and horror; a short, dream-like, atmospheric tale that'll be a collaboration between my wife and I. I'll put the title up here when I get the go-ahead to do so ;>

The second is another short story, a fan-work based around two characters named Breekon and Hope from the horror podcast, The Magnus Archives. It's called Something Else, and it's going to be my interpretation of how they came into existence

The third I'll tease here is my first long-form, chaptered comic, this is one I've had in the works for years. It's called Old Dogs, and it's about two troubled men dealing with their inner demons and lycanthropy

I'll be putting links to those up here when they're ready to be read, or if you're interested in hearing the development of them and want to know sooner, you can check out my twitter!

Once again, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day



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