A Friend In Need

VanKid on May 4, 2007

I dreamt about this when I was taking an hour's nap after I got back from a @#$%* physics exam and thought it might be fun to sketch it on paper.

I was in a playground when Freddy Krueger (yes! it really looked like HIM! ) appeared behind the swings and started to slash me…I managed to dodge his attacks, tho. Knowing I'm kinda powerless (and confused ) I darted for the exit. He came after me, but I ran faster. There was some kinda stone border next to the road, above the ankle, actually. I jumped, but it seemed Freddy didn't saw it……and he tripped and fell….
Instead of chasing me back, Freddy started to rant and curse on his own. Then, out of nowhere, Pinhead, Jason and Mike appeared . I thought they'll go after me, but instead they went to Freddy and gave him a hug. Freddy broke down and told them how he hated me for letting him trip (what??!!!)

I can feel that Pinny, Jay and Mike are stalking me now…….=.=