Chapter 1 Into the Fire

tRickityHouses on May 5, 2011

The 3rd is a Webcomic that I started posting online since 2006. It is tale of war and strife set in a fictional world filled with magic and mystery. The story follows Max a young soldier that finds himself thrust into a world much bigger than he is. In his journey Max will discover who he really is.

And here is what skoolmunkee had to say about the comic
“The 3rd is the story of Max, a regular soldier in an army which has been dispatched to kill some guys and do army stuff. It's a swords-and-magic fantasy world, but Max is the centre of the story- his experiences, worries, failures and discoveries. There's monsters and big plans and bravado and er… biplanes and battlesharks, and a guy finding out who he is in a world full of that stuff. The art is deceptively good and you can see tRickityHouses improve with each page. He isn't afraid to draw action shots, difficult angles and dramatic scenes, and there's even splashy color pages now and then. It's a fast read (even at 125 pages) and well worth a look!

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