Introduction to LIFE!

Conned on May 30, 2007

This is an idea I've had floating around for some time. You see, I rather liked this mixing of real life and pixel theme I had in my school pieces. I liked it so much I decided to make me a comic with the same style.


Have you ever sat in public watching the people passing you by and thought to yourself, “I wonder what's happening in their life…”, and then invented them a life? Well, I have that and this comic is something like that.

You see, what I want to do is collect photos of YOUR life and experience them :) If you participate, you'd send me photos which I would draw myself in. I guess it's almost like a glimpse into someone else's life or routine. Plus I'd get to see pictures of places from all over :) AND SO WOULD YOU! Sounds exciting, right?

So what kind of photos am I looking for?

Well Originally I wanted pictures of your routine life but I think pictures of areas you like or your bedroom/garden/bathtub or that special tree you like to climb or that special power line you like to electri-fry people on… If it's special you should also tell me the story behind it :) Fill my head up with awesome memories..

1) As Harsh as this sounds, you're not actually supposed to be in the photos. They're supposed to be like public shots e.g. The inside of the train you take every morning or the corner of your bedroom. If you're in it, you'll probably be in the centre and posing (not the atmosphere I'm after!)

2) I'd say no naked people but that would be interesting. Again, make sure it's not the centre of attention! Just make sure it�s nothing pornographic.

3) There is no three until I say there is.

This is the drawing I'll be sending to the pictures :)

It would be awesome if you took part in this! Just take your digital camera out with you on your way to school/work/university and take snap shots of your favourite class room or office toilet.

So anyone that contributes obviously took the pictures so you automatically become a comic assistant

Here's an incentive:

If more than 10 people help me with this I'll personally take pictures of the red light district in Amsterdam as a collection of my “routine” photos ;)