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#271- Treasure Seeker

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#271- Treasure Seeker

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Anyone else using the Fable III:Kingmaker app on their smartphones?
If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a GPS based “game”, where you plant flags for one of 2 factions; The Royals and the rebels. Planting these flags gains you gold, in which you can send to your Fable III hero when the game is released.
Every so often, a treasure horde will appear on the map, and the first hundred people who can “claim” the horde, gets a huge amount of gold.
Yesterday, while in Milton Keynes, two of these hordes appeared on my map.
I spent about half an hour trying to find them.
They are meant to appear in GAME and GameStation shops…
And yet I found one in a carpark… Right next to a bin.
Weird place for a treasure eh?


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