Comic Rebirth

Imperial on May 25, 2009

Yep im coming back 0n june 12 which also happens to be my birthday so id better get a welcome back or birthday present or ima cut mah wrists. jk jk. So anyways my laptop was messed up (thanks mom) and is being prepared (been like 2 weeks now) i hope to have it back before the summer starts so i can get my comics settled and get that one new sprite of me i finished so i can make a sheet. Well anyways heres where my comics stand.

BAU: Im sorry to say this but BAU will be discontinued for quite some time i dont know if ill ever start it back up, but rest assured i had a lot planned for the characters and ive become attatched so i plan to use them in the future

Random Pie: Ive been trying to come up with ideas for this comic FOREVER its the only one ive really got writers block for but as soon as i get an idea it'll be updated

It's a Rough Life: Kay this comic is gonna be my first paint job. I am starting this comic over (not that there's much there) but it should be the first to come back so get ready for a block of imperial pokemon!

The Author's Lif: This one will be restarted eventually but not until i get my pokemon going and my new sprites finished but even so that means im still accepting cameos for it just remember no recolors go make a hat or something!

Thanks for sticking with me those of you who did i hope to be back soon!