The End

darrell on Feb. 12, 2015

One last update to say thank you for reading the Bluenoser. It's been quite a ride and I'm so thankful for all the support.
Locoma - One last batch of twists before I go. If I would have gone on with Volume 3 I would have spent more time on the motivations of the “bad guys”, I felt I was doing enough in that area, to flush them out as full characters. So you'd see a bit more about Frank. Makes you wonder about that scene where Frank is holding up Master Mummy and Agent S comes in to rip him apart though. ;)
ghostrunner - Nope.
Peipei - Fluffy and deadly.
tupapayon - You did. Well, you were supposed to have seen a giant red panda but close enough.
And with that, I exit stage left. Take care everyone!

.. Oops, maybe stage right