The Cherub Brothers
The Cherub Brothers Chapter 12.44

Author notes

The Cherub Brothers Chapter 12.44


i'm a day late with this since i had a show last night. been doing good still. and i'm slowly beginning to check out remote positions for more work. still doing shows and private tutoring. it's enough to get me by as i've stocked up on all my supplies. been dealing with my mom using her hurt feet and high blood pressure as an excuse to be a jerk. it was always a scapegoat to justify bad behavior and she could never handle stress as well as she thinks she can. me and my wife and brothers all live together and pay the bills while i'm wondering if there was any truth to her bipolar/schizophrenia. i'm mostly here because of the housing prices but things are changing so i don't know if i can take care of her anymore. she's so cooped up in the house i don't think she can handle being outside anymore and stress and paranoia is killing her like her grandfather did. she blames it on weight and diet not stress of her life ad not coming to terms with her trauma. it's weird seeing someone who abused you and can't remember what they did decline. she will die in her 60s unless things change. both parents aren't doing good and i feel a detachment of it all. it's a really surreal feeling you can feel when someone will pass it's in their eyes…probably can see alot of my homelife into cherub brothers…but anyway this update is just a reappearing of iggy convinced in her role making sure everyone and everything is dead in this land. she is the last of the family that first led the the hybrid children dying. most of them killed themselves out of despair instead of recognizing their part of the issue…though it's bordered into a deathcult mentality. she did nothing but witness the interactions with bree and derek and funneling drugs to make bree's manipulation worse…what will happen? we'll see…

if you want to suport the comic please check out my link. i have alot off art and books available that has more in depth analysis on the universe these characters exist in.

thank you for reading and have a good rest of the week.


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