Page 9

Vendrus Sci on Dec. 20, 2006

…It's up on thursday, isn't it? ^^' The last real page, back cover/Overshadow teaser-thing when I can.

Long- no, fairly short story behind the almost-lateness. Ven forgot to scan in the last page. Ven forgot she forgot to scan in the last page. Ven realises this Wednesday night, goes into panic mode but has no time, and is out almost all of Thursday.

On consolation, this is a HELL of a lot better than the original version. Despite having no references, no colours, no previous pages to work from. W00t. Go tablets.

Kaminari: Eh, more random border-ness actually. Vaguely something like the side view of the ice-beastie's head pointing down, then reflected >.< It was too late to change when I realised how random it was. Sorry for the shortness (Five weeks?–') but hopefully OverShadow will make it up… once it starts.

Daemon: The Ice Beastie says thanks. As do I :D