Season 1

CTC_Comics on April 10, 2009

A Hero is erm……. Employed??

A never seen before comic creation of a Cashier Assistant come superhero who will stop at nothing in bringing total convenience. Our hero, Checkout Boy, faces the many problems in the everyday life of working at a superstore. He must deal with such villiany as The ASBOs, thieves, old age pensioners, disabled people, and the continious threat of the murky toilets!

By now your probably thinking “oh here's another unoriginal comic with fight scenes, explosions, gun shots and hot girls…” and you would be right, except for one small twist. The location is set in a convenience store and the main character is a cashier (whoop cue sarcasm). But hang in there people, because we've only gone and put in an element of comedy in there YEAHHHHhhhh!!

This comic needs to be seen to be fully understood what the hell we were attempting to create. So with out further ado, Cutting the Custard comics present CHECKOUT BOY!!