Book 1

EmeraldCity on Oct. 8, 2007

I cannot express how happy I am with it. This cover perfectly expresses what I try to put into words throughout our story. Oddly enough there is a bit of history to the “bird” that Drew (the boy) is drawing. When I was about 13 or so I tried my hand at making comics. Needless to say I felt comfortable making the stories but had the artistic skills of a wounded mule deer. Of course The Emerald City has nothing to do with the comics that I embarrassingly drew, but that is not to say that some of the characters I made so long ago have not been reinvented by Jason and me. But back to the point; that bird was apart of a comic I drew and I showed Jason, who in turn made fun of me for 10 years. But I think both of us know how important the dreams we had when we were kids are and even through the hazing we decided to mask my lack of artistic talent by having a kindergarten kid draw it on the cover. Jason almost was able to nail my style of art, but I still think his looks better!

With our covers we want to have Drew conveying a theme of the comic through his drawings. Also, we want to feature Seattle on all of our covers. We think this is very important for the identity of our series. We hope you enjoy it, and again please give us your thoughts. They mean so much to us!

-Kevin M. Jones