The Not so Wonderful Day

MW Authors on June 18, 2008

This is an Author Comic by those you can't pick up the info from this page. If you want to join you have to follow these rules

1. You can not be just a plain recolor like the Author, Bob, or George from BnG
2. Your sprites have to be altered from some sort of sprite from a Megaman game (it can be 7, Power Fighters/ Battles or the 16 bit X games but nothing else)
3. There is a mirror site on so if you join make sure you have an account there, if not tell me, I'll will post the comics there for you
4. This comic is run with a special account just for it, if you join we will send the info for the account so you can use it to post the comics

That's it, keep these rules in mind if you want to join. Also if you have any 16 bit sprites of the Robot Masters that were in 8 bit only or the Megaman Killers please send them to me