Page 45

Kristen Gudsnuk on Sept. 22, 2009

ok guys! I've had this page mostly-done since like, last thursday. I just never got around to assembling and posting it. But here it is! urggh I forgot how hard it is to do these kinds of pages. I had to like, take pictures of the panels with and without the clay (because they were casting shadows into other panels..)
Time to announce the winners of the fanart contest!!
#1: Darkwaterfrey
#2: Phillby
#3: Buroo

Everyone who entered, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think I'll put all the pictures in the hard copy, too!! :D because I love you. Yes, you. Yes, to the gentleman in the blue sweater, I love you.

Anyway. wtf is up with me. I am kinda less-than-loving life, for no discernable reason. So let's get cheered up! woo. *has no verve*
Anyway, thanks for reading. Next page is the last page, I think.

I made some progress on planning Life is But a Dream, my upcoming comic- here's a sketch I did for one of the main characters, Rosaura! (hah all my female leads have my hairstyle.. haaah… although, it makes the most sense for her to have that hair!!) Also, I planned out the first few pages!!

ALSO, I was gonna do some terrible short story for this DD community project, but INSTEAD I had a brilliant idea today!! It will be ‘Mauvais and the Beast’. Tentative title. I have to find a good, evil-sounding french name. It's gonna be a cute Beauty and the Beast adaptation, where the evil sister gets sent to the Beast's castle instead of Belle! :D? I thought it was clever…