JillyFoo on March 12, 2012

Yes this is a page update up there.
Yeah it has been since June or longer since I last updated TPCTH.
Since spring 2011, I've been considering redoing the first few chapters and it lead to me not working on the comic at all. Due to my work load at my current job, I seem to have the capacity to work on only one comic at a time and it has been Demon Eater.
I feel that with this comic becoming so long and its beginning old art and a slow intro, this comic can not reach its full potential. So basically I'm going to update off and on when I can, but I'm not going to work deeply back into TPCTH until I complete Demon Eater.
BTW: My work blocks Smackjeeves saying it's a pornography site (lol) so I can't update this page there. (Or future pages for that matter until I get to another internet provider.)