Chapter 1: Page 8 - To the Dark Village

Peek_A_Blue on Feb. 14, 2007

Well, I worked on this a long time and was feeling way to tired to work on it tonight to finish it up, but I smacked my face around a bit and forced it out! I hurt my finger on some glass earlier but I endured it!
Ive been listening to this cheezy 80s heavy metal band called Manowar that I liked when I was really young. Also this solo song by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) called Tears of the Dragon has been on my playlist. I love it still, lol. Kinda pumps up the imagination for a fantasy comic. My boyfriend was teasing me earlier today about liking that stuff. I must admit I was very amused by his impressions. Needless to say however, he received a series of pokes and pinches!

As for the comic,
I dont think Rend will be in the next page, but hopefully the page after. You should look at this and realize the darkness is a bad sign. Also, I wanted them to look worn out, tired, ragged, whatever near the bottom in particular. They dont exactly have a great life.

Anyhoo!! Enjoy this passage of time/travel scene !!