metabad on June 19, 2013

In case you missed it last time (which you probably did since no one reads this and for good reason…you crazy non-existant person, you.) this ending was made by my friend. From the creator of the critically acclaimed “Thesaian Sneakers” trilogy. Heck yes! How EXCITING!

the thespian snackers:part 3 the final episode
by Something_AWESome
the lasrt episode of thesidna killers which actusaly was the last
episode of ther sereis, master preon was an evil alien who didn';t like
that his home planit was destroyse. so he wint around hin is spaceship
destoring planties. “bwahahahahahaha” hge said as he puished the laser
button and fired a laser. “neal before the great master preon maggorts!”
the laser destorys the planit. “MWAHAHAHAHAHA, fooods, i have got my
reveange for you destroying my planet!!!!”
“i thought the humans
destroued your planeit,” said his right hand man the red guy. “WELL
“no one lived theri
theat was a uninhatible gas planet” said Red guy. “FOOOOLS! YOU DARKE
DEFY ME?!?!” said preon as he fired his laser at red guty and killed
ALPOLOGIZED!!!!” then he fired his laser at an annoying fly that was
buzing around bcause it also destroyed his home platnet.

blana and metamad and sidus;s arm who was glued to bala's head got into
master preons space shipt. but all of a suden they nodiced it was very
cold. also there was chistmas lights everyoewhene and snow was failing.
also JINGLE bELLS was plauying!!!@!
“WTF it is april!!!!!!!!” screamed balan
“wait blane i thought you were calm zen monk”: said metabad
when ppl leave there chistmans lights up late-san!!” balan said “also i
celebvrate robo-bhudist christmas and robo-bhudist santa always gives
me robo-bhudist socks-san when i asked for a new staf”
then a fiersce blizard raged inside the spaceshipt as the jungle bells music got louder and lougfer.
said metabald, “the music is causing it to be chistmas at the rong time
inside the ship!” then he pointed at the sourdce of the music- the evil
musical robot WRECK CORD!
“jingle bells jingle bells jingle all
the way” sand wreckored, as he sumoned slay bells that wraped around
balan and began to stringle him! metabmad atacked evil robot with his
paws, but it did not work!
“o no, that robots not human!” said metabad
“yes it is” said veminshin the mad scintist. “everything he sings becomes REAL! you know why?
”becayse of his new human heart i put in.“ said veminshin.
said balan as he broke free of the jingla bells and tried stabing the
robot with his staf. ”btw who's heart was it-san?“
”why the most magical human herat of all…“ smirks vemingshin. ”the heat of none other than… SANTA CLAWST HIMSELF!“”
“GASP!!!!!!” said the good guys. “HOW COULD YOU”
you thesina kilers were busy kling thesians, master peron traveld to
the north pull and stole santa's heart. now not only does all he sing
become ral, but he now has an ipod in his chest instead of a reckord
player with a playlist of every song ever meanig he has unlimited
“………………………..wait i got it san!” said
balan who used his stafgf to change the song on wreckords ipod to
through the fire and flames by Dragonforks!
“OH NO” said
veminshin who then set on fire. then all the snow melted and the hole
room was engulfed in fire and flame! “i could never beat this song on
guitar hero, i totally fking give up” veminshin ragequited then jumped
out the airlock into the water planet to put out the fire he was on.
then preon's laser destroyed the water planet because the water plant
destroud his plant.
the fire got to be too very hot. “i must find
a way to put it out” said metabad how changed the song on wrteck cords
ipod to Nemo by nightfish.
“o how i wish for soothing rain, o how
i wish 2 dream again” sand wreck cord, hoo sommoned a rainstorm to put
out all the fire and then he fell asleep.
“well we defeeted
wrekord,” said balan, “shud we take out his human heart and give it back
to santa?” “not yet said metabad, wrteck cord might make a great weapon
for us” “ok” said galan.
balan then played magic bus by the who
on wreck ord which summoned a trippy hippie bus that they all got in and
drove around the thesians base. then general white guy (no i am not
being rasit, hes actually an alien who is literly white or silver in
colror.) and his super elite squad of rainbow theisan stood before them
but they ran thema ll over. “haha we have a bus no one can stop us!'
said metagad.

indeed they effortlessly tore through every
wall and every enemy in there way but soon they noticed someone chasing
them. ”cookie truk you wil not elude me this time!!!!“ said trash net
who was chasizng them.
”Oh no, shes gaining on us“ said metabad ”just give her the cookies“
searched the van but thers wasnt any cookies. ”all i can find are lots
of illegal drugs-san…..“ said balan ”give them to her“ said metaksad,
”ok“ said balan who tossed the durgs out the window for trash net
COOKIES“ she said but her smile turned to RAGE once she saw what they
realy were. ”what the hell do you thik i am, just bcause im a bad guy
doesn't mean i do drugs!!!! DRUGS ARE VERY BAD FOR GOOD GUYS AND BAD
GUYS ALIKE!!!!“ in rage she destored the durds and the magic bus along
with the ceiling with her lighting powers now they were having a zero g
space battle.
lighting and claws and staffs flew everywhere and
the lightnig sturck the claws and stafs vecouse they were like lighting
rods and it hurt them and they said ow.
”oh no oar weapons are
uselfes against the lightning-san“ said balan ”lets get the very
trustworthsy dr. troq to upgrade us so we don't get hurt“ said metagad.
So they were over to wreck cord and played du hast by rammsteins
because it was in german and it sumoned dr. qtro who was also germa.
”sory trash net“ said dr troq ”we must pause the fight so i can upgrade them
said trash net so Dr TRoa took metabad and balony to his lab on the
thesidan ship. there he filled them up with water because he said water
is a soruce of life and it makes you fel alive even wehn your not. sp
metabad and Balns sain “thanks” wand went back to fiting trash net.
“welcome back can we continue now” asked trash net?
“not yet!!!” said metabad who used his water ppowers to get trash net all wet.
“oh no!” said Trash Wet “if i use my liting powers now i'll shock myself to death because im all wet!!!!”
troq was shoqed. “that wasnt how it was spose to happen. y0ou were
sposed to shop the good guys to death with your electricity! not the
other way around!”
metabad sait “WHAT. how are you breathing in space wihtout a space helmet???”
“because im actualy a robot” said dr. troq.
“o ok” said balan “i kill kill you-san because your an evil double of the complete ly innocent real human dr troq”
“hand over the real one!!!!!!!!” said maetman.
laught “hahahaha no, because i M the real one!!!! you see, many yearsw
ago i bulid a robot named TOM TOM and he was liek the only family i had
cause my real family deid and all my friends deid and my home also deid,
tom tom was like the only reason i kept going on.but one day he deid
“THAT IS SO SAD!!!!!” cried metalsad. “t-t-ttears are
t-t-t-falloing from my eyes-s-s-s-s-ssan” saind bmalon.
“LET ME FINNISH!!!” said troq “as is was
saying. so i brought is dead body to master preon and told him to fix
him and he said ok but hed need me to do it so he used me to rebuild the
robot. so now… ” troq then made a Transformers noise and he turned
into a robut with MANY swords!!!! “I AM TOM TOM!!!!! WE ARE TOGETHER AS
he had so may swords the goofg guys had no idea
how to fight back “also they are pollution swords” said troq “and since i
filed you with water when i slice you your water will be filed with
garbade and oil spills and youl daie from al the polution! im sorry i
dont want to do this but if i dont preon will take tom tom away from me
=(” then he started slashing and slicing and metams and bolan had no
choise but to run!
they ran back intos the Thesipan based and
troqbot sliced up many walls which caused them to rust and created a lot
of balck smoke., many tehisan soldier got in there way but they throw
the m into troaqs sowords which turned them into landfils. there was no
way to stop troq, he was causing polution and there is no way to stop it
unless we recycle! so all we could do is run…………..
barely, they survived byt found themselbes face to face with none other
than master preon himself!!! “bwahaha prepare to die” he said but then
he noticed robotroq. “i remember theat robot that was the one that
destored my fhome planet, DIE” so he began to push the laser button…
DR TROQ SI OUR FRIEND SAN” saud balans who tried to stop him but was
whacked away with preons tail. Preon pushed the laser button, and
said metabad how tried to jump into the laser and take the blast for
him, but it was tio late… troq got lasered away… “Tom tom…” he
could be hurd saying for one last time.

“MONSTER” said the
good guys how then attacked preon. o wait, its MASTER preon, sory. so
anyway they tried to atack him but they also got tailed away buy hiss
tail. “no his tail is too powerful” said metlsda. master preon picked
metamsd up with his tail and thrashed him around a bit before jamming
him into a wall. then he pucked up balan with his tail and proceeded to
do thge same. he thrashed balson around so hard the poor guy got
nocked out cold!
“balan!” said metabad
“you be quite” said
master preon who then bith slapped him. “im bust killnig balan, the one
who desotryed my hom planet—-” then he noticed something. Sidus';s
arm who was still glooed to balans head waved hi. so he release bland
and saud “sidus your alive??”
sidus wiould have said yes expect
he coundlnt cus hes just a hand now. however, he was still holding the
priceles chinese vase with a flocwer in it.
“Sidus what is that”
said master preon. sidsus arm held still for a second and
then………… he offered master proen the flower.
“r-realy? f-for me?” said master purson all teary eyed.
“yes” said metabmad in sidusis voice, “its from the humens as an apology for destorying your home planet”:
perseon excepted the flower and a smile came to ish face. “i… this…
was all i ever wanted… an apology… SNIFF! and a flower on top id
it? people… love me… i… never thought that… anyone loved me…”
“we love you master preosn-san” said balain
thanks!” said a happy crying master person! “i am going to plant this
flower rite now becasue its the last of its speeces and we can regrow
And so he did. He also gave Santa back his human heart he
stole, apologized to all the planets he destroyed, and openied up an
orpahnidge for all the kiddies how lost parents in the thesidan war. he
also brought their parents back to lide so they could go back and live
with them and trash net and uncle arnie moved into what used to be the
orfanage. they turned it into an ackounting firm. so now everyione
everywhere got lots of money! YAY!
“you realyt have done the
univers a great service master preon” said dr. sent. as a reward we're
giving you a new home planet in antarctica!
“YAY!” saidn master
preon who moved there and ruled over his new planet. however since hes a
cold blooding reptile and antarctica is veyr cold. he froze into a
pposicle. a lime flacvored popslical that the pengins that lived there
siad tasted very good. it also kept them very cold holding off global
warming for many years to come.

HOWEVER globabl
warming will stil hapen if you dont protect the environment now!!! so
always remember to recyle, turn out the lights and save engandered plant
live like the heroic master preon did! Every copy of this story is
printed on paper made from the most endanged trees avaiable, hoping to
raise an wawareness of such trees! now go forth, young eco worrier: give
flour to everyone you see and SAVE OUR PANTS LIFE!!!
the end