26 Escape from the dark lands!

Bocaj on Jan. 10, 2010

I am learning Photo shop, which is why I wanted to play in this comic round robin game. This is my first real story comic page that I've done on a computer. :) so I hope it will look ok. I made more than a few mistakes but hopefully those are also learning points :) they were painful anyway, once I hit my head on the table more than a few times.

Anyone want to go next?
And from the first comic…and at the moment, I have no idea who to ask. :)I just hope the text is readable and the file isn't too large.

Why hello.
This has been sent from *your username*.
You, *their username*, have been selected from many to create the next page for The Traveling Assist.
Do you accept?
If yes:
1. PQ Bocaj, saying so.
2. You will notice a new comic appear under the comics you assist.
3. Make a page continuing the comic's plot (not too random.)
4. Upload it
5. Copy, paste this message to the next victim (word for word minus names)(This is anyone of your choice!*)

If no:
1. You suck.))