The Wrong Hero

#75 - Meanwhile...

Author notes

#75 - Meanwhile...


Woo hoo! Told ya it was a big 'un! I've always enjoyed comics that could advance the story without dialog, and thought I'd give it a try.

Well it wasn't easy, and I know I screwed parts of it up, but I actually got this done early. I finished this after Preview Night (Wednesday) at the ol' SD Comic Con at about one in the morning. If I didn't get it finished then, it wouldn't be finished until next week some time after I awake from the coma I'll probably be in.

After two weeks of on-time scheduled updates I think I may pass out. @_@

@artdude2002 & magicalmisfits: Yeah, I've always thought the ability would be a truly horrible thing to have if you couldn't control it.

@lastcall: Heh, I rewrote that line nearly a dozen times. Glad it got a chuckle.

@Chip: Miyazaki is one of my heroes. Thanks!


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