Squid Vs. Whale

Speck on Oct. 18, 2010

This is just a work-in-progress shot of a little painting I'm working on.
This will not be the last time that I draw this particular battle. =)

Meanwhile, I'm steadily working on finishing a good chunk of the script so I can get back to updating the comic. I've certainly left you guys hanging! I can never apologize enough, in my opinion.

I went to APE this last weekend. I didn't have a table, but I enjoyed the show quite well. I filled out more of my con sketchbook (the theme for the book is “myths, legends, and folklore”), visited a lot of people, and bought a copy of Rice Boy, among other things. It was fun, and I hope to have a table next year with some better merch.
(I'll be preparing the first chapter of TG for print, and working on setting up a pre-order for it within the next year or so.)