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Bramblethorne : Pulverton on the Widdle Thimble Museum - 20

Bramblethorne : Pulverton on the Widdle Thimble Museum - 20
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Bramblethorne : Pulverton on the Widdle Thimble Museum - 20


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You may be aware of a recent entry into the Totty Comics range entitled GUNT: Beware the Fangs of Slotch! But, who is the man behind the sword and sorcery? Let's probe deeply then, into the life and works of the author:

B.R.R. McCartney

Brewka Rupert Ralph McCartney began selling fantasy fiction short stories professionally in at age 14. Encouraged by his early success with the written word, he packed up his crayons into his bulging pencil case and headed off to seek his fortune (at the tender age of 16) as Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford.

It was there, under the dreaming spires, that Brewka began work on his epic "Gunt" series of novels. Fifteen years later he seized the opportunity to work very closely with Bunty Hagglestout in adapting his prose. "Beware The Fangs of Slotch" is the first entry of the "Gunt" legendarium to grace the pages of Totty Comics.

Brewka is married to his childhood sweetheart Ethel. Today, they live together with their seven dogs in a rose covered cottage in the vale of Evesham.

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