355 - Hollywood Ending

Author notes

355 - Hollywood Ending

El Cid

And so we end on a not-so-happy note for our dear Abby. I don't know why, but whenever I think of some moving music for this scene, I always think of this song:

Terrible choice, I know, but… oh wait this just in… apparently I've been fired as music director for this project. Hmm. I didn't realize we had a music director! Oh well.

So, what's next for this comic? Actually, I should ask that in a larger font…

I've alluded to this possibility before, but I'll make it official now: From this point forward, this comic is going to become an anthology series. That way, I can focus more on shorter stories within the Transneptunian universe. That is not to say that I plan on abandoning the main original plot altogether: I'll continue adding installments to that as well, as a continuing series within the anthology. However, the installments may not necessarily be in perfectly chronological order or sync up as nicely as they would have in a fully contiguous graphic novel. Things may be glossed over or entirely skipped in order to keep the installments short and concise as possible.

A while ago, I wrote a 35-page short story for a DD anthology project which ultimately it proved a bad fit for. So, I'll be posting that here instead. However, I plan on reworking that to make it more of an 'Adult' rated comic, so it will run a bit longer than the initial 35 pages. I'll probably post that at the beginning of next year.

As for the remainder of the year and at least the early months of next year, I probably won't be doing much in the way of comics, as I'll be focusing on my video game project. I wish I had something cool to post here to show my progress so far, but for the most part I'm just working out nuts-and-bolts type stuff at this stage, so there's nothing interesting to see at this point. Hopefully in a few months I'll be further along!

So, that's all for now. I'll see you all around the site, and don't forget to Subscribe to this comic so you'll be notified when it starts updating again! Thank you so much for reading and commenting and all that good stuff. Bye for now!


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