Moving on page 16

Banes on Oct. 30, 2017

The end of this story!

See you soon with more!

Random Notes:

There's a photo effect on this page that improves the look in my opinion. I was gonna wait until next issue to start using it on the regular, but it looks so much better to me that I just went with it on this page.

It took something like a year to tell this story. Things are leveling out a little bit in life; I'm still working a fair bit, but not at the comic-killing level of recent years.

So the upside is, more comics will be coming on a more regular schedule!

On the other hand, there's at least one other comic I want to start. Been working on developing it for quite awhile. It'll probably be up and running late this year or early next year…and T.S. will continue as well, of course!

Next issue is starting up soon, and I'll give a shout about the new series when it starts up!

For now, take care and Happy Halloween!

Drat. I didn't do a Halloween story this year, either. Ah, well.