Issue 1# Page 1 - Operation ready to commence

Author notes

Issue 1# Page 1 - Operation ready to commence


The Extrasanitary operatives, aka Cessjumpers, of the U.X.O arrives at the designated location of their next cleanup job for the night.

So! Page 1. Trying to make this comic look a little extra biopunk-ish as we're now dealing with a goverment run department with access to some of the more cutting edge stuff of Isles of Helix's weird, symbioficational creations (or what you could call mutant technology). This one basically being a so called symbiorganic supercomputer you see on the bottom panels. We might get more into it further down the line.

As for the weird anatomy of the cessjumpers. Their legs and feet are basically their arms and hands with retractable spider legs coming out of their lower arms - their torsos being armless. And they have a tail shooting out from the back of their heads. They have two ways of locomotion.

One is to walk - or alternatively propel themselves like rocket propelled striders like they're doing on panel 3 - on the spider legs of their lower arms (which can also stick to walls and ceilings), and the other being hopping forward on their tail like a one-legged kangaroo.

As you might figure from this they are incredibly mobile and you're gonna see them do all sorts of crazy maneuvers doing their job.

Comments on what you think is always appreciated. Til' next time.


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