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This file was half-finished on my computer when I had to drop everything and relocate. I'm not sure it's worth the wait. I have probably forgotten how to art, so the next page might be pure garbage. But I'm getting back into it. I think I'll rework my scripts now that I've had a break (and likely lost most of my scripts). I've also resumed working on my other project, Echoes.

For anyone curious about RL Vickie: I am living in east Tennessee now, and it's more culture shock than I realized barely crossing a state boundary could be. As it turns out, Virginia is not, in fact “the south,” but Tennessee is. I've been without my cats for over four months and miss them terribly, but they will be joining me soon. Luckily, my dogs were able to stay with me throughout the home selling and buying and stayed with me while I was living in an AirBnB. I bought a house out in the country. I have one neighbor close enough to be a neighbor. My other neighbors are the cows across the street, and behind my house are acres upon acres of corn fields. The road I'm on is impressively quiet. I am in the process of rebuilding a chicken flock. (My former chickens stayed in Virginia and now live with a friend there.) I'm working at a small historic site (my first permanent job). So, life has changed a lot.


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