VanKid on May 4, 2007

Yeah! I wanted so much to make Vynren's appearance a little dramatic…:D

Vynren is VanKid's elder brother of 97 years. He is quite arrogant, cold and egoistic, but deep inside he cared his family more than ever…especially his father.

Having VanKid borned as a forbidden child in the big family, their father was mentally vurnerable to the villagers. Since then, Vynren vowed to make him happy. When the news of VanKid's disappearance broke his father's heart, Vynren vowed to bring VK back home; dead or alive.

Vynren went to earth and while he was tracking VanKid, he worked as an assasin. He killed many, mainly politicians, rich men and smugglers, got paid and never can be traced by even the CIAs. And still in search for his brother…