Kenz Lee on Feb. 19, 2008

Hehe, yet another one for my comics readers, cuz your support is so wonderful!
This was done in the old style but I like none the less, why is Vamp dressed like that, weilding a dangerous weapon in the middle of a stone temple…? Pfft, SHE won't even tell me…*grumbles*
Lol, in all honesty……. you guys'll have to read the comic to find out*wink*
In some real news, I just wanted to let you know that page 2-“re-vamped” has been completed! I still have a bit of a busy week ahead of me so I don't know how many more I will get done, but next week will definately be productive, I have at least four days off*dances* so I should have at least*hopes*three more pages done, which means the “re-vamp” hiatus is almost over! Until then, I'll continue to update with artwork. If I decide to re-open my dA account I'll move it all over there to get rid of the clutter I'm building up! Until then, you guys will get to see images of characters yet to appear and maybe some short strips for a more amusing something to read! Again, I promise your patience will be rewarded with MUCH BETTER artwork and I smoother story flow, which I needed! and don't worry, once we start the updates there will be no need to worry about me keeping up with them! I have neary fifteen pages aside from those I am “re-vamping” that will go up weekly so I will easily be able to keep ahead of schedule^^
Cheers, guys!
Hope ya like, cheer!