ErrePi on Sept. 3, 2008


This is an interactive webcomic. You are in control. Sorta. Well, you're a character in the comic which is nearly as good. How does this work?

You post a comment for the current comic. Within the comment you can say something to a character, ask them to grab you a soda, or request to move to a different vicinity or to hang out with a certain character, your choice.

Whatever you say will affect the next comic posted. I'll try my best to include your comment in the next comic.

(In the third panel, replace the word “your” with “the”. A hand written typo. Beautiful.)

(Wait a moment. Actually, I think you're supposed to replace the word “comic” with “comment”. Hm. You can pick either version! 4/3/09)

This comic updates every Friday.

Want to send me an e-mail for some bizarre reason? Here's my e-mail. randomperson89@gmail.com

Forgot who's who? Here's a list of characters: http://vismanor.blogspot.com/2010/05/character-list.html

Wanna see all the fanart I've received? Here: http://s986.photobucket.com/albums/ae348/ErrePi/Fanart/
Dates correspond to comic posted.