Ch. 1, Prt. 2, pg. 5

Tempest_Lavalle on Jan. 15, 2012

:I….I feel like a jackass.  I didn't even realize the comic hadn't updated till today.  Turns out I set it to update on January 13th of NEXT YEAR….*facedesk*
This makes me look like a right tool, after saying I'd be updating on time and all that hooey.  BLUH.  Sorry guys >< I dropped the ball.  BUT ANYWAY!  As per a suggestion, I promise to let you guys know when I'm going on a hiatus should the need arise again (which it probably will at some point, but no worries).
I'm fiddling with the size and quality of the pages.  Let me know if you can still read the words alright on this page!