The stroy line

Xavier Neos on March 7, 2009

2000 years before now, a war took place on a planet called Spiricole. The Battle was between spirits of all kind. Every 1000 years a war starts and there will always be an evil one and a chosen one. The Guardian Angel Joan created time space and life, and started the evolution, she can do anything she wants but, she got married to a man called Lord Xavier. Over the years he wanted the power to do anything just like her wife, and so he started a war to kill and gain power over her. She could do anything but since she is married to him nothing she does will affect Lord Xavier. So she chose a family called the Yoshitatsu family to be her vessel to defeat Lord Xavier. She chose a young boy called Yoshimitsu to be her vessel but he failed and almost died, he and several other spirits escaped to earth. When a chosen one has a son, the father is no longer the chosen one, and he had a son called Paul. Now Paul must pick up where his father left off and defeat the Evil One.