Sadako on Jan. 15, 2008

Erm… well, hello. Remember me? Probably not… which is perfectly fine, seeing as it has been nearly a year since I was last seen here (and I apologize). I thank in advance any who will read this description.

I, uh… was ashamed when I saw my immature behavior from before. WORRY NOT! For I… am still immature? I'm merely typing like this because I currently don't feel stupid (which seldom happens, mind you).

That aside, as you can see I've deleted the other comic (any of you recall “I Wish”?). It was simply unacceptable! A horrifying view. xD I'm surprised people were so nice, though… thank you very much.
(Haha, not like I can create anything better now anyway)

WELL. I bring you this… image of my OC, which I utterly humiliated. That's me down there being the pervert that I secretly am when no one is watching. Hahah, just kidding (not entirely).
Please don't be too harsh. It's just a sketch I did because I suddenly had the urge of drawing him like that (oh yes, that's a guy.) I'm missing some things, but honestly… do I care? Not currently.

I hope you can see my improvement since May07? Things that haven't changed… I still can't draw bodies. Eh… *changes subject* I was thinking about starting a new comic sometime. I doubt it'll be any time soon, as I will be traveling the 19th and after I'm back there are only a few days left until vacation is over. I've got to bring my grades up. They're not bad, but they're not good enough to be in the Honor Roll or Principal's List… which is my goal. I'll get there!

Thank you again for whoever read this.