Vol. 1 - Cover

Arwym Starlight on June 21, 2007

For some reason I cannot write the comic's long description where it should go. Tells me that character limit is reached, but there is no way I could type more than 1000+ words in the following:


Star was always the innocent, ever optimistic, friendly type of girl. She dreamed every day, and her world was always radiating with light. But as in every normal life, there comes a moment where things change in a drastic way; sometimes forever. However, Star's life stops being normal at some point, and when that moment comes, her life turns into a storm of feelings, and the beautiful and perfect world she once knew disappears, seemingly forever. This is the story of how we can learn to dream again, no matter what happens in our lives. There can always be a new beginning, a different story to tell.
Follow Star in her journey to that magical place, where dreams begin.


Bad shading, I know… I suck at it, don't I? :(

The worst part is that I can't redo, since something weird happened to my vector lineart and I don't have it anymore.

I will work on a new cover later, okay?


Introduction, and chapter one with its own cover!