Pg9 - What'll Freeze Over?

DragonChan on July 16, 2008

This comic is born from personal experience. Granted, me smiling as a teenager never caused random, out-of-season weather patterns to erupt, but one never knows what horros will be unleashed when a moody teen decides to break free of their self-constructed angst and SMILES!

Doom! Utter Doom!!

Anyway, I'm sure my Mother will appreciate this comic. And I'm sure a few people will get a kick outta the concept - be you adults, or teens yourself. It's funny because it's true and all that.

Man, I REALLY don't miss being a teenager.

Also, this comic features two of my running gags from the previous years. Distraction Flower, and the Pi photo =) The only people who will understand this pattern are those of you who have followed my comic making days since their birth, though. So mentioning it now is kind of pointless, with the exception of posterity I guess.