Robots Have Souls As Well, Eh! Part 2

AidenYipster on Dec. 13, 2009

Yeah, maybe I'm crossing the line. Nah, I'm not… If Robots are bound to extinct Man then maybe Man Extincted God. Probably crossed the line now… Wait, extincted is a word? Spell Check aint saying shit… Though it said shit for “aint”. Interesting development in the world of the internet.

The Dodo Bird was extincted over a 300 years ago.

Dinosaurs have been extincted for a fuck-load of years.

Jesus Christ was definitely extincted by the Romans sometime between A.D. 1 - 30. That is until he un-extincts himself to eat brainz as Zombai-Jeez-sass!

Enough of that foolishness!

I could consider this a filler, but I wont. Although, it's the exact same comic with new dialogue I still wont consider it a filler. NEVA!!1

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