Hiitanjan on Nov. 10, 2009

I'm sorry for no pages. D:
But they're coming soon. Since I don't have my tablet anymore I decided to use my cousins but I can only use it when I'm at her place. The pages won't be all extravagant&colored as I planned it out to be, it'll be quick&graay. D: But hey, it's an update right?

So…about this filler. This is practically the only fillpage I've ever done for this comic really. D: I wasn't planning on posting this up ‘cause I thought it’d be a lil' too perverted. (I just wanted to draw Chika in a Star Wars outfit x3) But since there has been no update, you can get a filler. Can anyone guess who she's dressed up as? D:
Anyways, I appreciate the comments&ratings you guys give.