Just a week away!

mangaka_serena on March 11, 2007

Well, I know it doesn't look great… it's a filler page …but as of next monday the comic begins XD and i swear the art looks a lot better XD

all this filler stuff will be taken down when the comic starts so please keep that in mind, and i'e written the link to the site at the bottom of this update I hope you might take a minute to take a look at the cast XD hehe

so only one update a week…every monday morning… the comic pages really do take me all week to do because of my insane schedule and the complexities of coloring >,< i usually end up doing 30-50 layers in photoshop

and just so i don't ruin your hopes, if you have any, the first update will be the cover… so the comic has started …but it won't quite be the comic you're expecting…

i just don't have the time to do more than one update a week… and i don't want the artwork to suffer from me trying to do more than one ^-^

other than that please enjoy and look forward to dreamscape XD