topic #34: on-the-set breakdowns

seanh on Oct. 10, 2007

You may totally try this at home, kids.

Syzygy: Thnx.

Magickmaker: No way he'll ever escape the pain I've got planned for him.

ShinGen: Glad you liked it. Bloodybeard was a bit disappointed though. :(

Sorry folks, I won't be updating FFO for a few months in order to expedite other projects. Unfortunately, depending on how one of my projects works out, I cannot promise that I will return to this strip at all. I'll be adding new stuff to my webpage ( if anyone's interested in checking that out. Oh, and to all those who read–and especially, commented on–my little comic, you have my humble thanks. And special thanks to Subcultured for his help.

All the best.


Wow! Can't believe my account is still good! Thanks DD! Been a long, long time since I rock & rolled. Think I'll try again, if you don't mind. :)