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Looking to upload my music
gabman at 11:35PM, Oct. 18, 2006
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Hey everyone, I'm a musician, and I'm looking for all the sites that I can upload my music for free on. I already have myspace, garageband, purevolume, broadjam, but want to find others. I figure that I should have my music up on all of them.

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Corvin at 9:39AM, Oct. 19, 2006
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how do you…

how do you get “free music host site” out of “free comic hosting community?”

i'm… very confused.

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lefarce at 11:28AM, Oct. 19, 2006
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It's easy Corvin. One time I typed “Pie Shops” in Google, and I ended up with “disestablishmentarianism”. Happens all the time.

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jaffery at 3:13AM, Oct. 20, 2006
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I saw a new site at It seems pretty new, and not too much activity, but looks like something that you're looking for.
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