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intro"duck"tions~~~! heehee!!
Kristen Gudsnuk at 10:32AM, Feb. 14, 2007
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In this thread, we can all introduce ourselves! If you have a comic, feel free to plug it! (what the hey, you can plug it anywhere! mwahah!)
Well, I'll start off! Hi everyone, I'm Kristen Gudsnuk, I'm 19 (which surprises people; I guess my constant use of exclamation marks gives off the “lol I'm 12 years old!!!” impression~~ XD) and I'm a sophomore at George Washington University. I'm double-majoring in English and Spanish and minoring in art (although this semester I don't have any art classes!! *dies*).
My favorite things to do are to draw, paint, sing, write poetry, play the piano, and watch movies. I'm not much of a TV person, unless you count my anime addiction… erm… I'm from Connecticut, and I have two puppies named Bella and Rascal! They are *sooooo* cute~! I miss them! I also miss “Guitar Hero”. I can play that game for hours and hours.
I used to want to be an author, and often shouted from the top of stairways “I shall write the Great American Novel!” but that dream is on hiatus at the moment. Now I shall create THE GREAT AMERICAN WEBCOMIC!! heheh.
I've been told I'm very focused, “like a laser” although I think I'm a bit more like the moon, scattering vague light at an oblique angle. (This was when my sister and I were arguing over who had more ADD. I DO!! She's much more focused and attentive! I WIN!) I can draw/paint/play piano for hours at a time, but I can't seem to study for more than 15 minutes… -.-
hm, I think that may be it!! so please, tell me all about yourselves, about your comics if you have any, I'm quite interested in finding out who's reading MisfAs!
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