Shade the Hedgehog
dark link at 12:28PM, Aug. 17, 2007
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Name: umm, Shade the Hedgehog, perhaps?
Alias: None
Age: 15
Race: hedgehog
Powers: Eruption Beam!!!
Abilities: high ability in using weapons
Weapon: several weapons, names on sheet
Pets: none
Background Story: shade was a lonely hedgehog, when he found the katsume tamahara one day. going back to the village, an old man told shade that if he found the naco blade, he could combine them to make the katsume naco. however, the weapon that can destroy the katsume naco is the scion sabre, so he set off to make sure that the katsume naco could never be destroyed by metal somic, his nemesis.

p.s. he's a good guy.

sprites :
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Kitty Man at 3:42AM, Nov. 17, 2007
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Umm, When I pasted the sheet into paint, it was in Jpeg form, could you send it to me as a PNG form, otherwise, he's in.
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