fagart#1 by Feetuss!!!! http://feetuss.deviantart.com/

fanart on Feb. 10, 2008

First fag art by Feetuss! http://feetuss.deviantart.com/ yaaay!

this is the first fagart on this new fagart..page…thing…

this is how it's going to work because i'm really really stupid!: i'm going to give you the username and password to this account (has no affiliation whatsoever to my real account so don't try ;) ) and YOU (the people) are going to post your own fagarts for me and the rest of the world to enjoy! :D it'll be fun! i've had this idea for a while now but just now had time to get to it….

but PLEASE try to keep this clean. (any dirty pictures should be emailed directly to me) if you guys mess it up then that's it. no more fagart page D: (i would still want you to send me your fagarts though!!!!)

i'll be checking in like..daily or something like that. so keep those fagarts coming!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOO

username: fanart
password: fagart