Episode 269 - Historical Accuracy VS Story Needs

May 2, 2016

Never let historical accuracy get in the way of a good story… at least that's what Bravo proposes. We stole his thought provoking forum post subject for the topic of this Quackcast. This is how Bravo goes on to explain it: “So how do feel about that? Should exact adherence to the historical record be allowed to wreck your wonderful fiction? If so how much dramatic license is too much? What are your favorite examples of how they got it wrong and how they got it right? And what if just a touch more research would have revealed that the historical story was better than what the fiction writers concocted? How tragic is that? And what about the usage of known historical mythology/hoax as in the Da Vinci code?” The frisson between story requirements and known historical record is pretty interesting. In Hollywood the former wins out EVERY single time and usually it doesn't result in a better story anyway, but as we discuss in the Quackcast there are OTHER reasons than simple bad writing choices for not sticking to the real story and trying to hammer everything into the Hero's Journey template.



ozoneocean at 11:19PM, May 5, 2016

Good points Wildcard!

wildcard at 2:13PM, May 4, 2016

Love the theme Gunwallace, set the scene nicely for the page I'm presently drawing! Glad I tuned in too as the topic in question is often on my mind. - For me I think what's important - as both a creator and reader/viewer - is a sense of passion for a source/setting or credibility supported by consistent internal logic. If neither is present and I feel like an author warped a historical basis to serve ill suited themes then I typically struggle to invest. Artistic licence is fine by me, so long as it's for the right reasons!

ozoneocean at 8:08PM, May 3, 2016

Thanks :) It's fun to see what I can come up with on the theme.

Banes at 9:24AM, May 3, 2016

Fantastic pic!

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