Episode 346 - Existential horror

Oct 30, 2017

It caaaammmmme from outerspace… An unimaginably gigantic multi-tentacled green horror, Banes'thulu'Ary'lth! We only caught a glimpse of his heaving, slimy, scaled bulk but our minds couldn't fully comprehend what we saw and we were all driven insane! In this Halloween Quackcast we discuss Bane's newspost subject of Thursday: Existential cosmic horror! We also Made a Halloween Quackcast VIDEO - https://youtu.be/TvIGQqCbRAk, so check that out and see Tantz dressed as a beautiful black widow, me as a black clad gravedigger, Banes as a hellhound and Pitface as the invisible ghostgirl! We talk about the stories of HP Lovecraft, biblical horror in Revelations, The Path by James Riot, the stories and the writing of Guy de Maupassant. This week Gunwallce has given us the theme to The Sunless Children: Flute, violins, and kettle drum stitching together a complex tapestry of melody, weaving a fantastical visual saga though music alone, leading us down an exciting and dark path… till the climax in a clash of bright silver cymbals!



Memoria caelestie at 11:27PM, Nov. 2, 2017

woooooooooooooooow that song is great! A+++++

ozoneocean at 11:29PM, Oct. 31, 2017

Any dream with us in is creepy XD

ejb at 2:25PM, Oct. 31, 2017

Fun one, guys! Those are some really creepy nightmares.

ozoneocean at 1:02AM, Oct. 31, 2017

It's live now. I was betting on the US daylight savings time... So the clocks haven't changed yet?

Gunwallace at 12:46AM, Oct. 31, 2017

"This video is unavailable." :(

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