page 8

liam the hedgehog on Nov. 11, 2010

While Sonic gazes into the sky; the cry for help grabs his attention. from someone very important. But Sonic's just running in blindly

Sorry for the length of time it took to develop this page and colour it. I've been busy with alot of school work.

Personal Comment:
I've start to try and include more highlights to the picture; but It's still not coming out smooth. (using a mouse, need digital pad)The inking is still the same but I can't do anything about it yet. my next couple of pages' well be the same (ink wise) But I'm starting to pratice in a better method from what I always been doing.
My drawing of Sonic I think is better from the last two page's but you don't see much of his apperance. The Robots are close to the ideas SEGA has came up with but It's just an idea.

The next pages may be a while and I aplogize to those who are interested in this comic.

copyrights belong to SEGA and Sonic Team