Chapter 4

ninja3 on June 25, 2009

Well Hello there boys and girls! If you're wondering what the HELL this is it's probably because you've never read this before. And you've never read this before because for over six months now it has been on hiatus due to my sheer laziness, lack of creativity and excessive school pressures. Now that that's gone I can do a bit of this for a while.
Neeways. I've decided to start with a fresh chapter because, admittedly, that makes everything so much easier. Right from the very beginning I was jumping all over the place and making the narrative IMPOSSIBLE to follow. I'm doing it again, this time in hopes that it will level out.
One last thing- this is dedicated to the people who have indeed read this before the great creativity recession. Folks- this isn't going to go from Maria level to James Jean level in a blink of an eye but I'm hoping to improve the storyline. Anyway- enjoy if you must.