icecreams craving

centuryslayer on May 31, 2007

this is a true story :0
well almost >__> my icecream…bucket (or whatever you call it) didn't fly away, and just as I was about to comment on that, it did!!!!

my 20something comics are based on actual events and my whimsical thoughts :P

-the story-
so, pinkaugust called and asked if I wanted to try out the new icecream bar….thing, and me being a sucker for icecream couldn't possibly resist xD

He had to stop me from spending all my money on icecream (couldn't turn that into a “good” comic though)

then the wind took pinky's icecream…thing >__>
but mine stayed put…if only for a short while xD
I did manage to catch it before it went overboard (over-table?)


should I bother to colour this one? n___n