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Hi I'm Rai!
I'm 25 years old and have worked in Customer Service for 5 years. I've done face to face in retail and on the phone in banking, but mostly I've done management and that is where I currently reside. While the people you interact with can certainly have some tales you'd be surprised to know some of the employees can be just as crazy. My comic Scribble Brain is my newest comic which documents the retail portion of my customer service life and the people I worked with. The artwork is pretty crappy, but it's the story that I want to tell and it does the job.
My humor can be dark, morbid, and dirty if you don't like it read the Sunday funnies. Family Circle should be right up your lane.
I'm blunt, and brutal, but I do it with love. <3
I talk like a hippy and I love fashion and makeup. I'm a geek supreme and have an obsession with technology. Passion Fruit is the bomb, and carrots are dangerous.

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A comic about working in retail, loosely based on my many years in customer service.
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A running gag about various people making their rounds during a speed dating session.
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The story of Wander, a girl who awoke in a strange city run by a devious dictator. Updates Wednesdays.

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A comic about working in retail, loosely based on my many years in customer service.

Wrigley Barnes can't keep a job to save his life. But he often has to LOSE a job to save it!

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