Let's start at the beginning...

TalesofWander on April 5, 2013

Yes I am back to Drunk Duck. My job keeps me busy, but for years I've wanted to create a comic to tell some of my amusing retail stories and about the awesome people I met while working and managing in face to face customer service. As you can see it doesn't require much effort to draw which is exactly what I need right now.
The four main characters are shown above, I'll dealve more into them in the next strips. They aren't particularly based on any 1 person I worked with, actually they're a culmination of friends, enemies and romantic interests I developed while in retail. I'm sure they'll develop beyond what I could imagine. The main character is based on myself at this point I'm saying loosely but to be perfectly honest I'm sure in the end it'll be a lot more of me than I ever intended.
It's called Scribble Brain because it's pretty much scribbles from my retail culminated scatter brain. :) I hope you enjoy and it will update every Friday evening/Saturday morning!