Prologue #2: Tears Of An Old Man (Pg 2)

Random81 on April 19, 2006

PC= Pre-Cataclysm, AC = After-Cataclysm
If you can't get your head around the oddity of the way years are numbered in this comic, don't worry too much about it. Even the Gregorian Calendar's BC/AD stuff isn't too natural.

BTW, if you have a feeling this frame is a copout… you'd be right. Sometimes, all you need to make a city is a ton of cubes in the right shapes and sizes. Lemme explain…

I'm coming out of my midterm school holidays as I type this. Unfortunately, I'm not efficient at putting out pages for the comic yet, even if it's just one frame a week and most of it is typed stuff.

To make matters worse, I've found out that my knowledge on certain things in uni isn't totally up to snuff. I'll need to put more time to catch up, because terrible things will happen if I don ‘t.

I’ll try to update once a week as always, but don't blame me if filler pops in more often than I planned… Anyway, enjoy this comic. It's in a day earlier than I planned because I couldn't think of a better way to convey a sense of wistful hopelessness.

As always, read and comment please!