BLNT - Episode 2.85 (Episode 125)

blntmaker on April 25, 2010

Hello Brothers and Sisters…

Good evening, morning, afternoon…and such! The non-stopr season continues! Here's another season that doesn't stop…

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Why? DueEast of Due East (writer & artist) with colors by JustNoPoint from The Devon Legacy Prologue and the fairly new The Devon Legacy have put together a little something that features BLNT's leading men (er…leading “woman”) the “actors” who play Teddy and Desmond. It's great stuff. Aurora from Aurora of the High Seas makes an “Emmy-worthy” appearance too! Great page!

What you're seeing is the beginning of a long-range arc in the world of Ethan Saint Ives. Where it leads will have, like I said before…Long range repercussions. For a backstory on what presently haunts him, just click over to the early episodes of BLNT: Synchronicity.

That said, I hope you enjoyed the 125th Episode. It's the typical, double-sized fare. Rest assure, although Ethan is fighting his share of ghosts. One thing that is real is the forthcoming episode that could only be called “Misnomer”. Catch it next Monday!

Until then, have a blessed week and thanks so much for coming around BLNT! Best thoughts and prayers to you all.