BLNT - Episode 2.86

blntmaker on May 16, 2010

Hello Brothers and Sisters…

Good evening, morning, afternoon…and such! It's been a couple of weeks - but that's only because school has indeed kept me busy (My work that is) and…ANNNNNND…It takes a while to re-label and archive my old BLNT pages…FOR MY NEW WEBSITE!!!

That's right! Better Luck Next Time has a new home! Bit the bullet and I'm finally getting my design works website up, which include my webcomic vehicles! So far, it's just BLNT! But Synchronicity with be added soon, as will a THIRD comic! Yes…a THIRD one!

Head over to and see what I've got set up thus far!

But before you do that, check out the latest and greatest over at OFF HOURS!

Why? DueEast of Due East (writer & artist) with artwork from kaleygeminni Geminni have a great page which pulls a sweet flash forward! Catch it while it's hot!

Speaking of HOT…I will continue to post here on DD, at least until everything is in full swing over at my website. BLNT is back in non-stop mode! I'll need to catch up with my faves as well here at the Duck as well.

Thanks for your undying support of BLNT! Come back next week and we'll find out more of Seth's master “counter-viral” plan. Until then, have a blessed week and thanks so much for coming around BLNT! Best thoughts and prayers to you all.